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Who we are                                                 

Unbridled Spirits is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 2012 and based out of Lisbon, Iowa. 

This all started with a dream... To preserve the great respect and honor of the thoroughbred racehorse.

When a racing star leaves the track or the breeding shed, they still have a large fan-following and a tourist appeal... not to mention a desire for love and affection, same as any horse! We care what happens to these horses, and so many others do as well.

That's where we stepped in.

Now, with our acreage having been settled quite a bit, and our volunteer base bursting with help from the community, we have grown to being able to offer a safe landing spot and continued care for over 25 retired racing horses residing peacefully at our ranch.

                   So why do all this?                   

            Our Mission

"Unbridled" was a Champion American Thoroughbred Racehorse, who won the most prestigious event, The Kentucky Derby, in 1990. He finished second in the Preakness, and won the Belmont. He was the champion 3 year old and retired with a career record of 8 wins and over $4 million in earnings.

We like to think his spirit brings our horses "Unbridled" Joy!

We pride ourselves on providing the public with the opportunity to meet these once celebrated thoroughbreds while offering the horses a place to live out their lives in comfort. We do this while raising public attention and awareness to the needs of equines, specifically retired and often at-risk previously raced thoroughbreds. We will always remember the valiant horses who have given their lives in service to the Sport of Kings who's spirits are now free to soar. 

By promoting these once-celebrated horses through a campaign of education and tourism, we are able to draw attention to all retired racing thoroughbreds and other equines in need.

Unbridled Spirits has turned into a beautiful co-operative where these celebrities can continue to be celebrated in a different light; A stable home where fans can re-live these athlete’s careers at a living museum and learn about the rich breeding and racing history.

We think that's reason enough! 

                   More About Us                  

Our mission is pretty simple; 

We strive to provide a dignified retirement option to on-track thoroughbreds whose racing, breeding, and competitive careers come to an end. 

However, that does not mean the end to the horses themselves!

Non-profits like Unbridled Spirits are able to step in and offer an alternative next step for these majestic creatures and ensure that the remainder of their life is one of peace and absolute care