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MOON, one of my absolute favorite horses. He has a gorgeous head and muscular build. He's a Quarter horse. A trio of brothers I could not say no too. That's the hardest part of being a rescue... the need to help them all.

Moon is silly, he's curious, he is always "thinking" and he is a luvah 👄. Photographers flock to him, perhaps because we have a field full of dark bay TB's, he stands out.

Brought in by a family in crisis, he is part of a brotherhood. When the trio are good, I call them the band of brothers. When the trio are "bad" I call them our outlaws. Ha!

Moon's name was "Killer" a wild, ferrel horse with burrs tangled so deep it took us a week to pull them out. He was tick infested, with over 200 + ticks embedded in his neck and body. He had been "wild" with his two brothers for years. Not by neglect. Because his family was in crisis after their father passed, and the children lived all over the United States.

At one time Moons family owned thousands of acres of land with hundreds of premier Quarter horses running cattle in fields of gold. These three were working horses, and loved their job. Registered through Texas, their worth is significant. Except one thing. When he passed, he expressed wishes for all three to be "sold" together. But one brother was not sound. And the likelihood of anyone taking all 3 was slim. Two could sell, but not all three. And the third would go to slaughter.

We were in our beginning stages, building sheds, fences, and finalizing business goals. Just two TB's were in our sanctuary. When asked if we could take them, i'm not going to lie I went back-and-forth on this decision. They are not thoroughbreds. They don't fit our business mold. And can we afford three quarter horses when we know there's tens of thousands of Thoroughbreds and need.

Of course we can. We met the family, some of whom flew in from California to inspect our ranch. We fell in love. Moon's family cared deeply for their fathers passion for Quarter Horses, just as we do for TB's. We signed contracts and celebrated at Sutliff Cider. Moon's family donated fencing, corral gates, office supplies medicine, TACK and saddles..,,They put us on the map and helped us build our ranch.

So there are times when families are in crisis, and we were there to help. And the band of brothers have helped us too. We laugh with them, hug them, ride them, and are forever grateful this family chose us to care for their lineage, and keep their father's memory close. In honor of Moons family We changed "Killers" name to Moon, he has a crescent moon on his forehead, and he came from Quarter Moon Farms, Iowa City, Iowa.