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She is a 10 yr old TB mare who needed a home back in May. She is a 5/5/06 KY foal that never raced. Unfortunately she had fractured an elbow early on and it had healed enough for the vet to say she was fine to race or go in a sale as a racer. But then she kicked the cement wall of the stall and fractured a foot so her owner decided to breed her.

She had 2 foals in Kentucky... but after foaling her 2013 filly, no one cleaned her out and she was unable to foal. She also hadn't been ridden in 8 years, so she's a very difficult TB to find a home for. (Enter U.S.)

She's a Sweet girl. The farm people were dealing with health problems and did not want to let the horses go uncared for. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, and Sweet got lost in the midst of older aged individuals battling numerous health concerns. They were good horse people and had their farm for 35 years. It's hard to change, despite the writing on the wall...

Sweet is a very pretty mare, she's been alone for quite some time, which is why she's so fragile and shy. Although when she's asked to do something, she tries. She has a Lovely TB head, and beautiful eyes.

She was delivered to us in late June, where she became steadfast friends with Karakoram Conquest and Great Punch - the two rescues from New Holland. Together the three girls pranced as if they were fillies, free to run with the wind and jump through the forest. They have been so funny to watch as they've explored the creeks, and traveled through the fields. I can see Sweets Fears, and have come to realize she's seeking guidance, not fleeing. She's wanting to trust, not run. She's kind and giving, not bossy or tempermental. I couldn't begin to change her name. Someone above was looking out for her...she's our One and only, ONE SWEET SOUND.

Rocky My Socks

Foaled April 8, 2007
(Dumaani - Captivate, by Gold Fever)
Retired 2016 by Carol Mundschenk
Career Earnings: $0