5617 Clear creek rd Lisbon IA 52253 us

TIna Norris CEO/ President

  • Danielle Kripner 
  • Shannon Johnson
  • Rebecca Coleman
  • Kelee Warren

Board Members       

Jaime Shulte Teasurer & Corporate Fundraiser

​& her husband Lyle Shulte 

Horse Handlers       

        The Unbridled Team 

Jen Whittenbaugh CFO/ Vice President

Unbridled Spirits is in no way a one person effort; Not only do we rely on volunteer effort and public donations, but our Board of Directors sits at the head of our organization. While there are others of our barn chore and horse handler team not pictured, these are the main people who tirelessly volunteer their time in order to maintain a smooth working ranch that is able to put on events, make big decisions, and ultimately continue to save off-track racing horses. We have a few silent board members and prefer to remain out of the spotlight.