5617 Clear creek rd Lisbon IA 52253 us

Jockey Club- Sonic Youth (GB)
Foaled February 13, 2000

Passed October 26,2017
(Zafonic - Mabrova , by Prince Mab)
Retired by Lance Beaulieu
Career Earnings: $56

​Jockey Club- Monty Haul (FL)
Foaled March 25, 2009

Passed September 2, 2017

(With Distinction - Freddy Fenter, by Fenter )

Retired by Beyond the Roses

Career Earnings: $443,424

Seattle Proud

Jockey Club- Seattle Proud (KY)

Foaled February 19, 1993

Passed August 3, 2018

(Seattle Slew- Confirm, by Proudest Roman)

Retired by HiCaliber Horse Rescue & Kathleen Cruise-Bradley

Career Earnings: $33,200

Over the Rainbow           

Jockey Club- Misha (MO)
Foaled April 15, 1986

Passed April 7, 2016

(Be a Prospect-Winking Wanderer, by Wandering Boy)

Retired by The Claton Family

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Race Stats Unknown

Foaled March 14, 1987

Passed October 16, 2017 

Retired by Tievoli Farm, Inc

​Jockey Club- Denham (IL)
Foaled March 9, 2006

Passed October 28, 2017

(Unreal Zeal - Danger Dances, by Slew City Slew )
Retired by Pagano Family Racing, LLC

& John Hernandez
Career Earnings: $374,187