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Sierra... oh what a girl. She's a prancing dancing flying horse. She is so athletic, and graceful. She teases the boys running circles around them... and knows she's the only leopard spotted horse amidst a dozen dark bays! Who doesn't Remember her bizarre love triangle with Olaf our goat???

We found her on Craig's List. We wanted a riding horse for friends and family to enjoy, (given we need step ladders to get up on our TB's,) we thought an appy would be perfect.

It's difficult for me to look at horses for sale on Craig's list, or any animal for that matter. I see and read too much. This sanctuary didn't start overnight:)

She was in Keokuk, owned by an Appaloosa breeder and former jockey. We were told she was over 16 hands. Probably why she was delivered at 10pm. I can't say much about the people who owned her, they had papers, they bred her, and they delivered her. When she stepped off the trailer, we could clearly see she was about 15 hands... I said to Scott, "I know we've had drinks waiting for this trailer but she's barely 15 hands..." Scott turned to me and said, "Do you want her to go back?" I laughed, me? Send a horse back? "she'll make a perfect training horse for our younger volunteers." Options, finding where she fits and what makes her happy is going to be fun.

She's incredibly bright. And typical of not being broke, she was a wild girl. She didn't like being tied up, or her feet trimmed, or her mane brushed, or fly spray- she's pulled coral gates across a field, broken halters, snapped hooks off of leads, and in the end you can't help but fall in love with her. Oh You can see it in her eyes.., she has a bit of mischief too! She's a perfect age, just 10 years old. We're excited to watch her progress.

Every person who meets her falls in love with her nibbles, and nickers. She is eager to please so we are all optimistic about her future. She was at the barn last winter, her stall mate was Prince, and best friend Bobby. These two are affected the most being at the ranch this winter, Sierra and Prince have not adjusted well to the winds and cold. She does have a beautiful new blanket donated by Judith Pim, owner of Thunder Farms in Bondurant. Her blanket was donated in memory of her sweet mare Jasmine who passed last November.

I'd have to say Sierra has taught everyone Self awareness ~ we've all had to be more cautious around her. Although Through her, we can learn about ourselves and if we are lucky, tap into inner resources we never knew we had. We expand emotionally as she teaches us who we are through her reflection.

Sierra has been in training in order to be a personal riding horse, but still has a ways to go!