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WAYS YOU CAN HELP: With 24,000 foals born each year in hopes of winning the Kentucky Derby, the mission of Unbridled Spirits will always be a necessity for the horse racing industry, especially in these difficult economic times when owners can’t afford their non-money making horses. But you can help! Whether it’s by purchasing items from Stateline Tack, funding feed, buying other equipment for the horses, going on a tour or donating money; you CAN make a difference!

WISH LIST:  Fencing; Hay; Grain- Nutrena Safechoice Senior and Purina Senior are the preferred brand; Rice Bran Oil; Paste de-wormers-all kinds; Horse treats-all kinds! Farm Truck; Stamps, copy paper, file folders; Toner cartridges for printers (contact us for which ones). Fly Sheets, Horse Blankets, Horse turn out sheets, Round Bale feeders, Automatic waterers; Run-in Sheds for new pastures; expansion on our small barn; Medication- previcox, uniprim/low-grade antibiotic 

SHARE CERTIFICATES: Donate $100 and sponsor an Unbridled Spirit retiree. Contributors receive a personalized Certificate and an 8 X 10 color photograph. All funds go toward the care and support of our retirees. Certificates are available for: NAME HORSES. These make great gifts for the horse lover in your life! To order your Certificate, call the office (319) 471-3545 or use our CONTACT FORM to order a certificate. We accept checks, and money orders or you can use the PAYPAL donation form. ON BEHALF OF ALL THE HORSES AT UNBRIDLED SPIRITS, WE THANK YOU! (EX.)

FENCE SPONSORSHIP: Sponsorship cost is $5000, and in return, donor receives: - Engraved brass fence plate with sponsor’s name on block of your choice - Unbridled Spirit VIP list, complimentary admission to all Unbridled Spirit events, major donor recognition; but most importantly; - The personal satisfaction of knowing that you have made possible a retirement home for your favorite champion! 


Please call (319-471-3545) or email us at unbridledspirits@gmail.com and please indicate in which way you would like to sponsor.